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Ashwa 10 Capsules

Ashwa capsules are made with a combination of black seed oil, which enhance the efficacy of Ashwa and herbs which are tried and tested for many centuries. These herbs have been commonly used for cold, cough, stuffy and irritated nose, headache etc.
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Black Seed Plus Capsules

The seeds of Nigella sativa, commonly known as black seed or black cumin, are used in folk medicine all over the world for the treatment and prevention of a number of disease conditions. Black seeds contain fixed oil, proteins, alkaloids, saponins, and essential oil. Baraka black seed capsules support the immune system and increase the resistance to diseases. Contains 60 capsules.
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Cinnamon Plus

Cinnamon plus capsules contain a mixture of cinnamon powder (Cinnamomum ceylanicum) with black seed powder (Nigella sativa). Cinnamon powder has been used frequently to control blood sugar levels and as an anti-oxidant. Black seed powder has the ability to synergise the effect of cinnamon. The mixture of both herbs promotes the total well-being of an individual, reduces pain linked to arthritis; is effective for menstrual pain and infertility. Contains 60 capsules.
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Omega 3 fatty acids in cod liver oil increases cell membrane content of both EPA and DHA which increases the production of anti-inflammatory group icosanoid. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, lowers blood pressure, reduces serum triglyceride level, homocystein and exerts anti-thrombogenic effects. It helps in preventing breast cancers, colon cancers and prostate cancers by inhibiting the cell growth. It reduces rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease Black seed works as an adaptogen. Its consumption helps the body to adapt positively, enhancing natural immunity thereby building up its natural resistance against various diseases, providing all round protection. Contains 60 capsules.
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A joint pain relief oil for muscular and joint pains associated with arthritis. The oil is formulated with special herbal oils enriched with black seed oil, selected to bring soothing relief and ease to the joints. The essential oils contain help to clear obstructions and enhance the blood circulation around the effected tissue, muscles and joints. JointEase helps to reduce joint pains, arthritic pains and inflammation and stops and reduces joint damages.
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